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Your Partner Throughout the Memory Care Journey

Our experience working with families and their loved ones throughout the Memory Care journey has taught us that each resident is unique, and that means the effect of the diagnosis on their lives will be just as unique. Families who walk this journey alongside their loved ones need support from the first signs of forgetfulness through the acceptance that you may not be able to safely provide the care they need.

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Your Partner in Understanding Aging

As adults age, they undergo changes in physical, mental and emotional health. As experts in Memory Care, we provide education and support along the way.

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Your Partner in Caregiver Support

Caregivers have special needs, which they often overlook in order to care for those they love. We’re here to provide education and support throughout your journey.

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Your Partner in Navigating Care Options

As your loved one’s needs change, we’re here to help you understand the types of care available to determine the right way forward for your family.

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Your Partner in Memory Care

Our approach to Memory Care and everything we do is built around relationships and positive partnerships.

Real-Life Stories

Discover what The Artis Way means for residents and their loved ones, in their own words.